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About us

Don’t try to understand St. Petersburg – it is useless. The city doesn’t understand itself either as there is no one single Petersburg – there are 7, 10 or even 15 different Petersburgs. And each one is home to special people, living in special houses, sharing the same rites, senses, habits, rhythms.

Intellectuals and bonvivans, fatal beauties and dandies, businessmen and geniuses of new media. They speak different languages, attend different bars, wear different trench coats, and each one has own special opinion. “Special” is the word for St. Petersburg – it is a way special city and everyone here thinks so.


The city
is like an immersive

If it is impossible to understand St. Petersburg – it is necessary to feel it. The city is like an immersive theater, a huge number of fantastic locations. We love this city with all of our hearts and we want you to discover your unique St. Petersburg.